frau mit wehendem kleid

thats me:

i‘m a photographer, designer and artist. I love to create things and to design everything around me. to fall love with the beauty in every little detail.

Raue Loft Wand

what i do:

♡ fashion photography
♡ lifestyle portrait shootings
♡ documentary and editorial photography
♡ creating presets – lightroom and other
♡ teaching photography
♡ portfolio view
♡ design
♡ analog and digital illustration
♡ learning new things

your style?
okay, lets go!

Prisma Regenbogeneffekt


🌿 until 2016: ecosign/Akademie für Gestaltung

📸 until 2018: product photography for snipes und onygo

📸 ✍️ now: photography, design and marketing for noni Brautmode

📸 since 2015: freelance photographer

Kinderfüße mit Krümeln auf dem Küchenboden

taking photographs and designing is always a responsibility: bringing something new into the world, that can last.
creating things with a soul, emotions and more than just a nice piece of shit in an overloaded world of images and visual nonsense.

hart to say, because i do a lot of fashion shoots, but still: its about the brand, the people around you, the motivation. Finding a way of creating with a sustainable impact.

somewhere between chaos and order, somehow between the start and the end of a process i dance around with a million ideas, a warm heart and open minded. being a creator and artist.

and now – here is my portfolio